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This website supports the creative and educational activities of

ceramic artist, Trudy Ellen Golley MFA, RCA
studio metalsmith, Paul Wm. Leathers MFA, RCA

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Alluvium, the Latin word describing the contents of an alluvial deposit — clays, gems and precious metals — would appear to be an appropriate name for this confluence of contemporary ceramics and metals practice.


"All That's Gold Still Glitters" June/Oct., 2019

Trudy will be exhibiting new works in this international group show to be held at The Macau Museum of Art this summer.

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"Bidirectional fabrication for ceramic artists"
May, 2019

Trudy will be presenting her current research on bidirectional fabrication for ceramic artists at The Australian Ceramics Triennale Tasmania in Hobart this spring.

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"Crossing Borders: Breaking Boundaries"Aug., 2017

Paul's article published in the Summer/Fall issue of Studio Potter magazine.

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"All That Glisters"Feb., 2011

Read the article in the February issue of Ceramics Monthly on Trudy's research with Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) in Jingdezhen, China

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