Trudy Golley and Paul Leathers' exhibition LUX VIVENS: at the Boger Art Gallery, College of the Ozarks

Web Journal - LUX VIVENS: Living Light

The essence of ingenuity is to be sought in the transit: it is something not mechanical, but strategic, hinging on the apparent similarity between points of departure and arrival.

Mario Perniola, ENIGMAS: (1995)

Works are for sale and range in price from $475 to $2,000 CAD.

- Please follow this link for a printable pricelist (.PDF) -

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ANIMA MOTRIX: Motive Spirit

ANIMA MOTRIX: Motive Spirit, the title of our current exhibition of collaborative work, is derived from the term coined by astronomer, Johannes Kepler (1609) to describe gravitational force. References are also drawn to Type Two Fascination and the ability of both art objects and ephemeral light effects to draw the Gaze of the viewer.

As much a means to clarify the creative process for ourselves, we intend that this web page will deliver, as well as an online archival presentation, an enhanced reading of the exhibited artworks.