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About this image:

Created in 1999, this piece, entitled Karyatid, features five free-standing figurative multifired ceramic sculptures, arranged in a line, that

"... seem informed by surfaces reminiscent of sea-eroded masonry, corroded marble patinas, and the residues on buried pots. All exert antique, time-encrusted qualities that infer an ancient reverence."

Embodied reCollections,
Glenn Allison, AGSM, 1999.

Conceived as a drawing in light and shadow, the figurative shadows, cast by strong, direct lighting, are seen as tools in an ongoing examination of the representational, illusory, and ephemeral aspects of sculptural ceramic objects.

Dimensions: (H) 57.5 x (W) 17.5 x (D) 15cm

Collection: The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Art Collection.