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image credit:Klaus Jarchow

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About this image:

Created in 1999, this piece, entitled Sentinel, features a free-standing three-part multifired ceramic figurative sculpture.

"Many recent works, ironically, employ passive light that activates the figurative aspects of my work as the active subject of female prerogative and desire. The passive light symbolizes a hidden or supressed aspect of female sexuality that is currently coming back into a position of assertion. The passive light is collected through an open vessel at the top of the form (the head), travels through the main body (the torso/heart) and activates the abdomen (the womb). This symbolic light, as it falls, transforms from a reference to the intellect (bright), then to emotion (glowing), and finally to sexuality (smoldering)."

This work was first shown in Embodied reCollections, a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon.

Dimensions: (H) 215 x (W) 35 x (D) 27.5cm

Private Collection (Ontario).