Trudy and Paul's artists' residencies in Jingdezhen, China

Images from Trudy and Paul's recent artists' residencies at

the JDZ PWS Experimental Factory in Jingdezhen, China:

The Pottery Workshop, Shanghai (#1-#3) and the JDZ PWS Experimental Factory, Jingdezhen (#4-#24)

Sightseeing in Jingdezhen, Yaoli, Gaolin and Shanghai (#25-#30)

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Paul's work in progress, (Yin Arm) Reliquary (#31) and Trudy's (Yin Chinese Spiral) Aurora (#32).


Paul would like to acknowledge the generous assistance of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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Recent Artists' Residencies in Jingdezhen

Trudy and Paul speak about their recent artists' residencies at the PWS Experimental Factory in Jingdezhen, China.

"After our trip to China in the fall of 2005, we were eager to return to Jingdezhen for a month-long residency in order to explore the process of physical vapour deposition (PVD). While this process for the application of reflective metallic coatings exists in the West (think CDs and Oakley sunglasses), it would be highly unusual for a company to allow their space-suited technicians to place a ceramic artwork into their equipment. Not so in Jingdezhen, with equipment somewhat reminiscent of Doctor Frankenstein. With access to local mold-makers, press-molders, decal- and underglaze transfer-makers, slipcasters, glaze suppliers, kiln firers, box- and crate-makers, it seemed almost easy to return to Canada after a month with a half-cubic meter crate of works-in-progress to follow. With the excellent assistants and facilities at the JDZ PWS Experimental Factory, it was a very productive residency and our thanks go to the director, Takeshi Yasuda, and the entire crew at the PWS."