Trudy's recent sculpture project in Shanghai, China

Images from Trudy's figurative sculpture project at

the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA), China:

Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA), September to November, 2005 (above & #1-#3)

Mouldmaking and casting sculpture at the Pu Yu foundry, Shanghai (4#-#9)

The Pottery Workshop, Shanghai & The PWS Experimental Factory, Jingdezhen (10#-#27)

Sightseeing in Shanghai, Jingdezhen and Hongzhou (28#-#33)

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The finished artwork, Becoming Goddess, installed in the Changshou Sculpture Park, Putuo District, Shanghai (#34)

image credits: #15 Annabel Wightman, #34 Luo Xiaoping


Trudy would like to acknowledge the generous assistance of the

Red Deer College Professional Development Fund.

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Sculpture Project in Shanghai

Trudy speaks about her recent sculpture project in Shanghai, China.

"A land of cheery, enthusiastic people and amazing cuisine, China offers many wonderful opportunities to the visiting artist.

I can not say enough about the hospitality, professionalism and support that Caroline Cheng and her staff at The Pottery Workshop extended to me while I was in Shanghai, Jingdezhen, and Hongzhou.

I am thrilled to have had this experience and to have a significant artwork located in China."

TEG, 2005