Trudy Golley's offering of lectures and workshops

Trudy Golley: Lectures and workshops offered*


Trudy Golley: A Personal Survey

A slide lecture touching on inspirations, training and education, international residencies and current work (lasts approximately one hour).

Trudy Golley: Figurative Developments in My Work

A slide lecture touching on the development and use of the symbolic figure in current work (lasts approximately one hour).


Unconventional Clay

In this workshop participants will learn low-tech methods of making and using cellulose reinforced clay. Demonstrations will encourage a personal approach to using unconventional clay by exploring a variety of direct methods of hand-building and moulding. Participants will learn the technique that Trudy has developed of making press-moulds using a reinforced plaster mixture called 'PaperPlaster'. A one or two-day demonstration workshop, or two to five-day, hands-on workshop (maximum of 15 participants).

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PaperPlaster Moulds

This demonstration or hands-on workshop will focus on model and mould making using a combination of USG#1 pottery plaster and cellulose fibre. PaperPlaster press- and slip-casting moulds can be used for conventional clay processes as well as for cellulose reinforced clays and slips. This direct approach to mould-making means no more bulky, heavy moulds and better still—no more plaster disasters! A half-day demonstration workshop, or two to five-day, hands-on workshop (maximum of 15 participants).

Cone Six Glazes and Glazing

Confronted with glazing, one is often at a loss for options and rushes through this most important phase to get the pieces into the kiln, only to be disappointed by the outcome. This intensive hands-on workshop will cover decorating and glazing techniques that start in the raw and leather-hard stage, continue into the bisque, and then into multi-firing strategies. A one-day demonstration workshop, or two to five-day, hands-on workshop (maximum of 15 participants).

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Experimental Figurative Clay Sculpture

This workshop is centred around creating abstracted and symbolic, figuratively-based sculpture. This is not a course in representational figurative sculpture but rather uses the figure as a jumping off point to explore content and narrative. A series of exercises using unconventional clay and surface treatments to investigate the figure will result in works that may reflect the figure in unexpected ways. Surface/form integration will be emphasized in this intensive five-day, hands-on workshop (maximum of 15 participants).

* NB: We require a non-refundable $100.00 booking fee on all lectures and workshops, and a lecture and/or workshop will not be considered to be booked until this advance has been received. On successful completion of the project, the $100.00 deposit will be subtracted from the total fee. Re-booking a workshop will incur a further non-refundable $100.00 fee.


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Lectures and Workshops

The selection at left is a partial listing of the lectures and workshops offered. Current rates follow the 2021 CARFAC Artists' Professional Fees schedule and are priced as follows,

Lectures: $322+expenses

Workshops: $568/day+expenses

Please contact us to discuss how we may address your educational needs.

Please note that, for maximum contact with each participant, Trudy's hands-on workshops have been limited to a maximum number of students. Overloading of the number of workshop participants will be on a 50/50 cost sharing basis.